Search Composition

On the Tab SEARCH COMPOSITION you can enter various values of composition elements for materials. All designations found that match the searched composition will be displayed in the Search Results.

The function Fuzzy search allows a search according to a given number of compositions. In this the not explicitly entered tolerance values are matched to the amount of desired numbers of compositions, if available.


Search Composition Systematics


Elements that are to be excluded must be given the value zero as a maximum, or given zero as a specific value (e.g. Ni max. = 0).

Save composition

Search values marked as "Active" can be saved as a file on your hard drive. Simply click the button Save Composition.

Load composition

Composition files saved on your hard drive can be loaded into the search value table. Simply click the Load composition-button. In the following dialog you will need to select the file by clicking the Choose file-button and then confirm loading the values by clicking Load composition.

Format of the ASCII-file

The format of the ASCII-file is as followed:

Compostion(Header) (mandatory)
MaterialSymbol for material (1=steel) (mandatory)
Int, D, GB, US, etc.(Symbol for country) (mandatory)
Material number(Material number) (optional)
Symbol(Symbol) (optional)
Element;Min.-Value;Max.-Value;Single value;Tolerance-min.;Tolerance-max.;Search method

Example of a file that was saved under a standard search:

Composition(Header) (mandatory)
1Symbol for Material (1=steel) (mandatory)
D(Symbol for country) (mandatory)
1.2067(Material number) (optional)
102Cr6(Symbol) (optional)
C;0.95;1.1;;;;outside(Carbon) 0.95-1.10%
Si;0;0.35;;;;outside(Silicon) <=0.35%
Mn;0.25;;;;;outside(Manganese) >= 0.25%
Cr;;;1.5;;;inside(Chromium) 1.50% single value

Suche Ausserhalb = outside: Search values must include the database value range (standard search method).
Suche Innerhalb = inside: Search values must both be within the database value range (analogous to single value search).

Filter templates

Your filter settings can be saved as templates and (if desired) shared with colleagues (other members of the subscription).

Save template

To save the filter settings as a template click on the Filter settings link. A drop-down menu opens. Click Save template. The following dialog will be shown.

You must provide a name for your template.

The checkbox Shared determines if other users of your subscription can use this template.

The checkbox Set as preset determines if this template is your default setting (when opening the search screen).

Click the Save-button to save the template.

Administrate templates

To administrate your templates, click on the Administrate templates link in the Filter settings menu. The templates are split into three sections.

  • My templates: This list contains all templates you saved yourself.
  • Shared templates: This list contains all shared templates of your colleagues (other members of the subscription) that you added to your filter templates.
  • Available shared templates: This list contains all available shared templates of your colleagues (other members of the subscription). These can be added to your personal shared templates.

Explanation of symbol icons:

Aktive Filter TemplateIndicates the default filter which will be applied when opening the search screen
Shared Filter TemplateIndicates templates created and shared by other members of the subscription
Edit Filter TemplateYou can click this button to edit your own template
Delete Filter TemplateDeletes the template
Shared Filter TemplateAdds a shared template to your list of filter templates
Load a saved template

To load a template, click on the Filter settings link. The drop-down menu contains two template sections:

    • My templates: Below the “My templates” category all templates you saved yourself are listed. Click on the name of the template to load it.
    • Shared templates: Below the “Shared templates” category all templates your colleagues shared, and you added to your filter settings are listed (see Administrate templates for more details).

Reset filter settings

As soon as a filter has been set the -symbol will be displayed. By clicking on the filter symbol all filters and other settings will be reset to their default values.

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