Comparison of materials

Our material comparison allows you to easily compare chemical compositions and properties of multiple materials.

Add material to comparison

Search Designation

Search for a material using our designation search by entering a designation (material number, symbol or trade name).

Click on the search-button.

Next, open the material data sheet of the desired material by clicking on the corresponding designation.

Open the tab register "Mechanical properties". A list of standards with properties at hand will be shown. Click on the add material-button of the desired standard to add the material.

A dialog with a corresponding message will be shown after you successfully added the material to the comparison. Please click on the Open comparison list-button to open the comparison or click on the Add more-button to add another material.

The added materials remain in the comparison even after logging out.

Open comparison

At any time the comparison of materials can be opened from the following locations.


The quick bar is located on the Home-Page of the Online :: Key to Steel - Stahlschluessel. Simply click on the Comparison of materials link to open the comparison.


You can also open the material comparison through the menu My Account -> Comparison of Materials.


Display modes

You can chose between three display modes:

Optimised display mode (default)

All frames of the properties have the same height. This improves readability and simplifies the comparison of values. Please click on the Optimised-button to switch to this display mode.

Compressed display mode

All frames of the properties have a maximum height. This reduces the page length. Please click on the Compressed-button to switch to this display mode.

Maximised display mode

All frames of the properties have the height required to display all the values. This eliminates the need of scrolling within property blocks. Please click on the Maximised-button to switch to this display mode.

Empty comparison list

Please click the Delete list-button to remove all materials from the comparison list. You will be asked to confirm your action.

Change order of materials

You can change the order of the materials.

Click on the  -button to move the material to the right.

Click on the  -button to move the material to the left.

Open material data sheet

You can open the material data sheet of a material by clicking the  -button. The material data sheet will be opened in a new window.

Remove material from comparison

Please click on the  -button to remove a single material from the comparison list. You will be asked to confirm your action.

Select a standard

The standard of a material can be changed when it has properties for several standards. Simply select a standard from the dropdown box. The data will automatically be updated.

Show and hide informative data

Some materials have properties that are not part of a standard. The informative data can be shown or hidden by clicking the Informative data-button. A dark green button is indicating that the data are currently displayed (default) while a light green button indicates the informative data are currently hidden.

Informativ data are displayed in a green frame (standardized data are displayed in a gray frame).

Show and hide footnotes

Moving the mouse pointer over composition or property value footnote symbols will display the corresponding footnote texts.

Filter all properties

You are able to filter mechanical and physical properties by property, shapes and conditions.

Please click on the  -button to show the global filter options (filters entire table). By default all properties, shapes and conditions will be shown.

Next, click on the desired entries to show or hide them. The values will be automatically filtered.

Clicking on the All-button selects all information.

Clicking on the None-button de-selects all informationen (this button is useful if the list of filter options is very long and you would like to filter for only a few values).

The  -button of single properties turns orange once values have been filtered.

The message "All values are suppressed by filter settings" will indicate that due to filters no values are displayed within a property.

Filter property values

The property values ​​within a property are grouped by shape, condition, and specimen.

Individual groupings can be shown or hidden. Simply click on the  -button, to show all filter options (per individual property).

All groupings will now be shown in short form. Click on a grouping to show or hide it.

Hidden groupings are indicated by a lighter color.

Individual groupings can also be hidden by clicking on the -button.

The  -button of the individual properties turns orange when values ​​have been filtered.

Sort property values

The Drag & drop feature of individual property groups (within a material and property) enhances the comparison of property groups.

Move the mouse cursor over the header of a property group. The mouse cursor changes into a cross with 4 arrows Drag Cursor.

Click and hold the mouse button. Move the property grouping up or down by moving the mouse in the corresponding direction.

Release the mouse button once you reached the desired position of the material. The grouping will be moved to this position.

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