Register of the designations listed in Stahlschlüssel-Key to Steel

Additional information of the material resp. steel grade you can find in our browser-based online web application, our CD-ROM database or in our cross reference book.

For current and detailed data of the materials, please click on the respective designation.
You will get detailed material data (such as material number, symbol, standards, chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties , heat treatment, comparative materials in conversion table and additional information) in the form of a material data sheet.

Additional Designations

C53165 C53173 C53175 C53865 C53863 C54860 C54868 ZG0Cr13Ni4Mo C54888 C54878 ZG0Cr13Ni6Mo C53048 C53162 C53178 C53168 ZG0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti C53040 ZG0Cr19Ni9 C53047 C53167 C53170 ZG0Cr19Ni11Mo3 ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo ZG06Cr13Ni6Mo ZG08Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti ZG08Cr19Ni9 ZG08Cr19Ni11Mo3 C54101 ZG15Cr13 C52170 ZG12Cr17Mn9Ni4Mo3Cu2N C52180 ZG12Cr18Mn13Mo3CuN C53210 ZG12Cr18Ni9Ti C53090 ZG12Cr22Ni12 C54201 ZG20Cr13 C53540 ZG20Cr20Mn9Ni2SiN C53902 ZG20Cr25Ni20 C54301 ZG30Cr13 C53570 ZG30Cr18Mn12Si2N C53870 ZG30Cr20Ni10 C52265 ZG20Cr26Ni5 C53903 ZG30Cr25Ni20 C53930 ZG30Ni35Cr15 C54800 ZG40Cr9Si2 C53851 ZG40Cr22Ni4N C53900 ZG40Cr25Ni20 C53910 ZG40Cr30Ni20 C44550 ZG55CrMnMo 1.4710 DUX G 4710 ES4710 F 901 S G 4710 Guronit H 7 GX 30 CrSi 6 GX30CrSi7 Hacotherm HBG 710 Inox 1.4710 PC 8 Pyrotherm G 6 1.4729 DUX G 4729 F 951 G 4729 Guronit H 8 GX40CrSi13 Hacotherm HBG 729 Inox 1.4729 PC 9 Pyrotherm G 14 1.4740 DUX G 4740 ES4740 F 1001 G 4740 GTW extra Guronit H 9 GX40CrSi17 Hacotherm HBG 740 Inox 1.4740 PC 10 Pyrotherm G 18 C54851 C54850 C53961 1.4745 DUX G 4745 ES4745 F 1051 G 4745 Gikotherm 21 Guronit H 10 GX 40 CrSi 23 GX40CrSi24 Hacotherm HBG 745 Inox 1.4745 PC 11 1.4776 DUX G 4776 F 1101 G 4776 Guronit H 12 GX40CrSi28 GX 40 CrSi 29 Hacotherm HBG 776 Inox 1.4776 PC 12 Pyrotherm G 28 X 53 F ZG1Cr17Mn9Ni4Mo3Cu2N ZG1Cr18Mn13Mo2CuN ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti ZG1Cr22Ni12 C22040 ZG200-400 C44150 C54102 ZG1Cr13 C54840 C54200 ZG2Cr13 ZG2Cr20Mn9Ni2SiN ZG2Cr25Ni20 ZG3Cr25Ni5 C44202 C42200 ZG20SiMn C41202 ZG20Mn C22345 ZG230-450 C53801 C53821 C46280 C44300 C54804 ZG3Cr13 ZG3Cr18Mn12Si2N ZG3Cr20Ni10 ZG3Cr25Ni20


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