Register of the designations listed in Stahlschlüssel-Key to Steel

Additional information of the material resp. steel grade you can find in our browser-based online web application, our CD-ROM database or in our cross reference book.

For current and detailed data of the materials, please click on the respective designation.
You will get detailed material data (such as material number, symbol, standards, chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties , heat treatment, comparative materials in conversion table and additional information) in the form of a material data sheet.

Additional Designations

S355G12 S355G12 (<= 25mm) S355G12+M S355G12+N S355G8+M S355G8+N S355G9+M S355G9+N 18MnMoV5-2 S355G10+M S355G10+N S355G1 S355G1 (<= 25mm) S355G1+N 18MnMoV6-3 HMV11C B1100 BSt1100 Fe E 285 KG S275M Fe E 285 KT S275ML BStE 355 TM FStE 315 TM P355M StE 355 TM FStE 355 TM S355G1M E 355 Fe E 355 KG S355M XABO 355 BStE 420 TM FStE 420 TM P420M StE 420 TM DI-MC 420 B E 420 Fe E 420 KG S420M BStE 460 TM FStE 460 TM P460M StE 460 TM DI-MC 460 B E 460 S460M XABO 460 EStE 420 TM P420ML2 BStE 500 TM Dillimax 500ML S500M XAB0500 S420G1+M S420G1+Q S420G1+QT EStE 460 TM P460ML2 BTStE 355 TM P355ML1 TStE 355 TM EStE 355 TM FTStE 355 TM P355ML2 50 E 50 EE DI-MC 355 T Fe E 355 KT S355ML XABO 355 T BTStE 420 TM FTStE 420 TM P420ML1 TStE 420 TM Fe E 420 KT S420ML BTStE 460 TM Fe E 460 KG FTStE 460 TM P460ML1 TStE 460 TM 55EE DI-MC 460 T S460ML XABO 460 T BTStE 500 TM Dillimax500ML S500ML XAB0500T BTStE 550 TM GL-F 32 GL-FH 32 S315G4S GL-F 36 GL-FH 36 S355G4S GL-F 40 GL-FH 40 S390G4S S275MH S275MLH S355MH PS 265 h S355MLH S420MH S420MLH S460MH S460MLH S420G3 S420G3 (<= 25mm) S420G3+M S420G6+Q S420G6+QT S420G5+Q S420G5+QT FStE 420 OS 1 S420GO1 FStE 420 OS 2 S420GO2 FStE 420 OS 3 S420GO3 S420G2+M S420G2+Q S420G2+QT FStE 355 OS 4 A S355GO5 S420G4 S420G4 (<= 25mm) S420G4+M FineXcell 700 TempFIT 300 P690G1QL1 St 85/105 St 90/110 St 835/1030 St 885/1080 St 145/160 P460QL2 P500L2 P500QL2 SuperElso 500 HIC CarElso 70 SOHIC P355Q P355QH ST523 P355QL1 P355QL2 P460Q P460QH P460QL1 P500Q SuperElso 500 P500QH P500QL1 FGP63V P620Q FGP63VW P620QH S460G1+M S460G1+Q S460G1+QT FGP70CV P690Q FineXcell 700 TempFIT 400 P690QH FGP70CVT P690QL1 10MnTi3 EH 26 Ti S460G3 S460G3 (<= 25mm) S460G3+M S460G6+Q S460G6+QT S460G5+Q S460G5+QT 14MnTi5 S460G2+M S460G2+Q S460G2+QT P650QL2 P690QL2 S460G4 S460G4 (<= 25mm) S460G4+M P620QL E460K2


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