Register of the designations listed in Stahlschlüssel-Key to Steel

Additional information of the material resp. steel grade you can find in our browser-based online web application, our CD-ROM database or in our cross reference book.

For current and detailed data of the materials, please click on the respective designation.
You will get detailed material data (such as material number, symbol, standards, chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties , heat treatment, comparative materials in conversion table and additional information) in the form of a material data sheet.

Additional Designations

A 588 Grade B A 852 K12043 A 588 Grade C K11538 A 588 (A) K11430 A 588 (B) A 588 (C) A 588 (K) A 871 (IV) A 588 Grade K 1.0060 A60 A 60-2 ASt6 C0645 E335 En 55 C Fe 60-2 FN Fe 60-3 FN Fe 590 Fe 590-2 MSt6 OL 60.1 St6 St590 WSt6sp 1.8935 A 550 AP Fe E 460 KW P460NH 1.8915 A 550 FP1 Fe E 460 KT P460NL1 6386C A 514 (A) A 517 (A) K11856 K11695 A 514 (F) A 514 Grade F A 517 (F) A 517 Grade F K11576 K02004 K02005 K11526 CA-2 T90102 CD-2 T90402 CD-5 T90405 CH-12 T90812 CH-13 T90813 6542 A 600 (M 2) BRM2 CPM Rex M2 CPM Rex M2SHC (C 1%) Double Six Double Six M2 E M2 H-29XL M 2 M 2-HC Rex M2HC (S)(C 1,0%) Rex M2 (S) Speed Star T11302 CO-1 T91501 CS-5 T91905 A 681 (S 7) BEARCAT LSS S7 OH253 S 7 S7 S7 XL T41907 T91907 1.4306 3R12 18/8 P w 18-10L 304L 4306 AL 304 L Allvac 304L AR304L AUSTINOX 304LNi B 2 WL Bekinox 304L BGH 4306 BÖHLER A600 C01 CLC 18-10 L Coracid 4306 DMV 304 L ERGSTE 1.4306 ES9.4306 F304L FE-PA 11~ Imphynox 304 L Inox 1.4306 INOX 4306-304L Irrubigo 4306 Koro 4306 NIROSTA 4306 RAN 304 L S178super Sanmac 304/304L THENOX 4306 UGI 4306 UGI 4306FG UGI F304L-2 UGI F304LEP UGI F4306 UGI F4306EP UGI HQ304L-2 UGI HQ4306 UGIMA 4306 UGIMA 4306FG UGI R304L UGI R4306 V 2 A Supra NK VALIMA 304 L WEt 4306 ALM WRt 4306 ALM X2CrNi18-9 X2CrNi19-11 X 18 BC E M1 M 1 Rex M 1 Rex TMO Rex TMO LC Star-Max T11301 Tatmo A 597 (CM-2) 1.3344 1.3350 1.3394 A 600 (M 3, Cl.2) ASP 2023 Corsair CPM Rex 45 (+Co) ~ CPM Rex M3-2HS Crusader E M3:1 M 3-1 M3:2 M 3-2 M 3 Class 1 M 3 Class 2 Micro-Melt HS-23 Micro-Melt M3 (class 2) Rex M3-1 T11313 T11323 A 600 (M 3, Cl.1) 1.3351 1.3361 ASP 2004 BRM4 CPM Rex M4 HC(HS) (+Co) ~ DuraTech M4 E M4 Four Star LESCO M4 PM M 4 Micro-Melt M4 Rex M4 Stark T11304 M 6 T11306 E M7 M 7 Rex M7(N) Seven Star T11307 Tatmo V Tatmo V-N M 10 Rex VM T11310 Ten Star TNW Lacomo M 30 T11330 Kelvan M 33 Rex M-33 T11333 M 34 Rex TMO-8 T11334 Tatmo Cobalt CO-6 M 36 T11336 M 41 T11341 Dynamax E M42 M 42 Micro-Melt M 42 Rex M 42 Super Star T11342 Dynacut M 43 T11343 M 44 T11344 M 46 Rex M-46 T11346 M 47 T11347 ASP 2048 CPM Rex 76 (HS) ~ DuraTech M48 M 48 Micro-Melt M48 T11348 6490G 6491D CBS-50 NIL CM-50 E M50 F 2215 (T 11350) K88165 M 50 M50 VIM-VAR MSRR 6083 MV-1 Rex M50 T11350 VAR REX M50 VIM-VAR M-50 (NIL) CM-52 E M52 M 52 Rex M52-S Rex MV2 T11352 ASP 2062 CPM Rex 20 (HS) M 62 Micro-Melt M62 T11362 5626 E.No.1 E T1 F 2215 (T 12001) QQ-T-590 Rex AA Rex AA "OX" Temper (C 0,65%) Star Zenith T 1 T12001 T 2 T12002 Rex AAA Rex T4 T 4 T12004 Super Cobalt T 5 T12005 T 6 T12006 Rex 95 T 8 T12008 ASP 2015 CPM Rex T15 (HS) DuraTech T15 DYNAVAN LESCO T15 PM Micro-Melt T15 T 15 T12015 F20000 F20001 F20002 F20003 F20004 F20005 1.4301 1.4307 5R10 18/8 P 18/8W 18-9D 18-9DDQ 18-9E 18-9ED 18-9L 18-9LA 304 304/6 304BT 304L/1 4301 4307 A 2 A500 AISI 304-IMA AL 304 AR304 AR4307 AUSTINOX 304 AUSTINOX 304L B 2 W Bekinox 304 BGH 4301 BGH 4307 BÖHLER A500 CLC 18-9 CLC 18-9 L Coracid 4301 Corronon 188 S DMV 304 ERGSTE 1.4301 ERGSTE 1.4307 F304 F304ECO F304L/1 FAST 18.10 Hacodur RS 301 Inox 1.4301 Inox 1.4307 INOX 4301-304 Irrubigo 4301 KF 300 S Koro 4301 Koro 4307 NIROSTA 4301 NIROSTA 4307 NUCL 18.10 Pearl 304 PREMIUM 1.4301 R 350 RAN 304 ROMAX 301 SAW SB 2 T01 THENOX 4301.1 THENOX 4301.2 TX 304 L UGI 304 UGI 304-1 UGI 304-2 UGI 304FG UGI 304H UGI 304L UGI 304LQ UGI 304LS UGI 304M UGI 304P UGI 304S UGI 4301 UGI 4301-1 UGI 4301-2 UGI 4301FG UGI 4301P UGI 4307 UGI 4307-1 UGI 4307-2 UGI 4307FG UGI 4307PURE UGI 4307Q UGI 4307QPURE UGI F304-1 UGI F304-2 UGI F304-3 UGI F304H-2 UGI F304L-1 UGI F304M UGI F4301-1 UGI F4301-2 UGI F4301-3 UGI F4301-3E UGI F4307 UGIGRIP 4301 UGI HQ 304-1 UGI HQ 304-2 UGI HQ 304-3 UGI HQ304L-1 UGI HQ4301-1 UGI HQ4301-2 UGI HQ4301-3 UGI HQ4307 UGIMA 304 UGIMA 304-1 UGIMA 304-2 UGIMA 304FG UGIMA 304H UGIMA 304L UGIMA 304L-1 UGIMA 304LFG UGIMA 304LS UGIMA 304LXL UGIMA 304S UGIMA 4301 UGIMA 4301-1 UGIMA 4301-2 UGIMA 4301FG UGIMA 4307 UGIMA 4307-1 UGIMA 4307FG UGIMA 4307HM UGI R304LGV UGI R4307 UGI R4307GV UGI R4307PURE UGI S304 UGI S304H UGI S4301 UGI S4307 V 2 A Supra VALIMA 304 WEt 4301 A WEt 4307 ALM WRt 4301 A WRt 4307 ALM X2CrNi18-9-IMA X 5 CrNi 18 9 X5CrNi18-9 X5CrNi18-10 X 18 BC~ X 18 J HC-30 J92613 HD-50 J93015 HE-35 J93413 HF-30 J92803 HH-30 J93513 HH-33 J93633 HI-35 J94013 A 351 (HK30) HK-30 J94203 A 351 (HK40) HK-40 J94204 HL-30 N08613 HL-40 N08614 HN-40 J94214 HT-50 N08050 HU-50 N08005 HW-50 N08006 HX-50 N06050


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