Register of the designations listed in Stahlschlüssel-Key to Steel

Additional information of the material resp. steel grade you can find in our browser-based online web application, our CD-ROM database or in our cross reference book.

For current and detailed data of the materials, please click on the respective designation.
You will get detailed material data (such as material number, symbol, standards, chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties , heat treatment, comparative materials in conversion table and additional information) in the form of a material data sheet.

Additional Designations

A 5.17 (EH11K) A 5.25 (EH11K-EW) A 5.26 (EGxxS-6) A 5.30 (INMs3) EH11K K11140 MIL-E-23765/1 (MIL-70S-6) SFA 5.17 (EH11K) SFA 5.18 (ER70S-6) SFA 5.25 (EH11K-EW) SFA 5.26 (EGXXS-6) SFA 5.30 (IN-Ms3) ER70S-7 K11125 SFA 5.18 (ER70S-7) SFA 5.21 (ERCCoCr-A) W73036 SFA 5.21 (ERCCoCr-B) W73042 SFA 5.21 (ERCCoCr-C) W73031 SFA 5.21 (ERCCoCr-E) W73041 SFA 5.21 (ERCCoCr-G) W73032 5373D 5387E 5788F Alloy No.6 HAYNES 6B alloy MIL-C-24689 (20) MIL-R-17131 (MIL-RCoCr-A) R30006 SFA 5.21 (ERCoCr-A) Stellite 6 (PM) Stellite no. 6 (PM) Weartech 6 WT-6 7238 Pearl 12 R30012 SFA 5.21 (ERCoCr-B) Stellite 12 Stellite alloy 12 Stellite no. 12 VF-7 WR-12 MIL-C-24689 (22) MIL-R-17131(MIL-RCoCr-C) R30001 SFA 5.21 (ERCoCr-C) Stellite 1 Stellite alloy 1 Stellite no. 1 Weartech 1 WT-1 5385H 5819A A 732 (21) HS-21 MIL-C-24689 (23) R30021 SFA 5.21 (ERCoCr-E) Stellite 21 Stellite alloy 21 Stellite no. 21 Weartech 21 WR-21 Pearl 21 R30002 SFA 5.21 (ERCoCr-F) Stellite alloy F Stellite F R30014 SFA 5.21 (ERCoCr-G) F46100 SFA 5.21 (ERNiCrFeCo) N10006 SFA 5.21 (ERNiCrMo-5A) EA1 K11222 MIL-E-23765/4 (MIL-EA1) SFA 5.23 (EA1) EA1N K11122 SFA 5.23 (EA1N) EA2 K11223 MIL-E-23765/1 (MIL-70S-8) SFA 5.23 (EA2) EA2N K11123 SFA 5.23 (EA2N) EA3 K11423 MIL-E-23765/1 (MIL-706-9) MIL-E-23765/2 (MIL-80S-2) SFA 5.23 (EA3) EA3K K21451 MIL-E-23765/2 (MIL-80-3) SFA 5.23 (EA3K) EA3KN K21351 SFA 5.23 (EA3KN) EA3N K11323 SFA 5.23 (EA3N) EA4 K11424 SFA 5.23 (EA4) EA4N K11324 SFA 5.23 (EA4N) EB1 K11043 SFA 5.23 (EB1) EB1N K10943 SFA 5.23 (EB1N) EB2 K11172 SFA 5.23 (EB2) EB2H K23016 SFA 5.23 (EB2H) K23116 SFA 5.23 (EB2HN) EB2N K11072 SFA 5.23 (EB2N) K11173 SFA 5.23 (EB2RR) EB3 K31115 SFA 5.23 (EB3) EB3LRN K31117 SFA 5.23 (EB3LRN) EB3N K31015 SFA 5.23 (EB3N) EB3RR K31116 SFA 5.23 (EB3RR) EB5 K12187 SFA 5.23 (EB5) EB5N K12087 SFA 5.23 (EB5N) 6466F A 5.9 (ER502) A 5.28 (ER80S-B6) A 5.30 (IN502) S50280 SFA 5.9 (ER502) SFA 5.23 (EB6) SFA 5.28 (ER80S-B6) SFA 5.30 (IN502) S50180 SFA 5.23 (EB6H) Nuclear Grade S50181 SFA 5.23 (EB6HN) S50281 SFA 5.23 (EB6N) A 5.9 (ER505) A 5.28 (ER80S-B8) S50480 SFA 5.9 (ER505) SFA 5.23 (EB8) SFA 5.28 (ER80S-B8) 15 CD 5.05 S50481 SFA 5.23 (EB8N) A 5.28 (ER80S-B9) EB 9 S50482 SFA 5.23 (EB 9) EF1 K11160 SFA 5.23 (EF1) EF1N K11060 SFA 5.23 (EF1N) EF2 K21450 SFA 5.23 (EF2) EF2N K21350 SFA 5.23 (EF2N) EF3 K21485 MIL-E-23765/2 (MIL 80S-1) SFA 5.23 (EF3) EF3N K21385 SFA 5.23 (EF3N) EF4 K12048 SFA 5.23 (EF4) EF4N K11948 SFA 5.23 (EF4N) EF5 K41370 SFA 5.23 (EF5) EF6 K21135 SFA 5.23 (EF6) EF6N K21035 SFA 5.23 (EF6N) A 5.17 (EL12) EL12 K01012 MIL-E-23765/4 (MIL-EL12) SFA 5.17 (EL12) SFA 5.23 (EL12) EL12N K00912 SFA 5.23 (EL12N) A 5.28 (ER100S-1) ER100S-1 K10882 MIL-E-23765/2 (100S-1) SFA 5.23 (EM2) SFA 5.28 (ER100S-1) EM2N K10982 SFA 5.23 (EM2N) A 5.28 (ER110S-1) EM3 K21015 MIL-E-23765/2 (110S-1) SFA 5.23 (EM3) SFA 5.28 (ER110S-1) EM3N K20915 SFA 5.23 (EM3N) A 5.28 (ER120S-1) EM4 K21030 MIL-E-23765/2 (120S-1,120S-2) SFA 5.23 (EM4) SFA 5.28 (ER120S-1) EM4N K20930 SFA 5.23 (EM4N) A 5.17 (EM12K) A 5.25 (EM12K-EW) EM12K EM12K-EW K01113 MIL-E-23765/4 (MIL-EM12K) SFA 5.17 (EM12K) SFA 5.23 (EM12K) SFA 5.25 (EM12K-EW) EM12KN K01013 SFA 5.23 (EM12KN) ENi1K K11058 SFA 5.23 (ENi1K) ENi1KN K10958 SFA 5.23 (ENi1KN) ENi1N K10940 SFA 5.23 (ENi1N) ENi2 K21010 SFA 5.23 (ENi2) ENi2N K20910 SFA 5.23 (ENi2N) ENi3 K31310 SFA 5.23 (ENi3) ENi-3N K31210 SFA 5.23 (ENi3N) ENi4 K11485 SFA 5.23 (ENi4) ENi4N K11385 SFA 5.23 (ENi4N) ENi5 K11240 SFA 5.23 (ENi5) ENi5N K11241 SFA 5.23 (ENi5N) ENil K11040 SFA 5.23 (ENil) A 5.25 (EWS-EW) EW, EWS K11245 SFA 5.23 (EW) SFA 5.25 (EWS-EW) A 5.26 (EGxxS-D2) A 5.28 (ER80S-D2) A 5.28 (ER90S-D2) K10945 SFA 5.25 (EA3K-EW) SFA 5.26 (EGXXS-D2) SFA 5.28 (ER80S-D2)


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