Key to Steel  - Stahlschlüssel 1998 :: CD-ROM (Version 2.0)

Version 2.0

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Error: "Fehler bei der Initialisierung ..."

After the start of Key to Steel - Stahlschluessel your get the error: "Fehler bei der Initialisierung..."

Please delete the three files Stahl98.ini, Stahl98.liz und Stahl98.ldb located in the Windows-directory (Windows, WinNT) and reinstall the application.

2. Download Key to Steel - Stahlschluessel Patch 2.01

  1. Problem: Composition-Search
    If in the default regional settings the decimal-point is defined as decimal-separation (e. g. U.S.A, U.K., Switzerland etc.), a composition-search will not be possible.
  2. Problem: Print and Page view
    Details to suppliers are printed twice. Shape of product is also printed when control-box is not activated.

Please download our bug-fix Version 2.01 and follow the enclosed instructions

3. Error: "There are no more free licenses available"

After the start of Key to Steel - Stahlschluessel you get the error: "There are no more free licenses available".

Please download the tool: ClearLiz Version 1.0 and start it on any workstation where the Key to Steel - Stahlschluessel software is installed.

This tool resets your licence-database which may not clear the licences due to a system crash.

4. Error opening program Help (F1)

Error opening program Help (F1) "Feature not included" or "Help not supported" with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

To solve this problem, please download and install Windows-Help programm (at: WinHlp) for your version of Windows.