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Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel The worldwide competent cross reference guide is available as: Book DIN A4 format, 839 pages, Price Euro 210.00 (German / English / French) Now available Fax order form 2019 Windows Application Database on CD-ROM, Price starting at Eur...


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The electronic Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel on CD-ROM offers you complete new possibilities Decode / decipher steel designations and find equivalent materials worldwide Direct access to standard numbers, symbols and designations (also with jokers) Search of materials by chemical composition...


The ONLINE :: Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel offers you complete new possibilities Register - Login - ONLINE accessNo installation necessary! Access to the latest data published!(Updates we make are automatically part of the current online version.) Decode / decipher steel designations and fi...

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Starting the program Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel 2004 causes a "runtime error..." Solution: It is necessary that you have all administrative privileges and that all applications are closed. Important: Start the program directly after installation as Key to Steel - Stahlschluessel user with al...

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Standard Number Arrangement in numerical order Who Supplies Which Steel Table of Suppliers Table of Shape and Condition of Products Index of Brand Names in alphabetical order Categories contained Structural and constructional steels General structural steel, case hardening steel, nitri...

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The ONLINE :: Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steel has the most comprehenisve properties database. Find materials fast, comfortably and unerringly. Time saving search The property search is fast and easy to use. For each found material a comparison between the search and property data ...

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The ONLINE :: Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steel has an easy-to-use, powerful and intuitive designation search feature (material number, symbol, trade name) Time-saving search The designation search is quick and easy to use. Wildcards can be used to find materials when only parts of ...

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The ONLINE :: Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steel offers a smart composition search that helps you find a suitable material by chemical composition Time saving search The composition search is quick and easy to use. For each found material a comparison between the search and compositi...

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The ONLINE :: Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steel provides its comprehensive material data clearly arranged as a material data sheet for viewing / printing General Shows you the steel groups, standards, range of application and other information of a material. Composition Clear ...