View material data sheets for steel materials and alloys

The comprehensive data (general information, chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties, information on heat treatment, suppliers, comparison of materials) of a material (steel, cast steel, cast iron, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys) are clearly presented in logical tables. With only a few clicks they can be prepared to be printed (desired areas can be added or removed from the report). The Online :: Stahlschluessel - Key to Steel makes teamwork easy by providing the option to share material data sheet links with your colleagues via email.

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The ONLINE :: Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steel provides its comprehensive material data clearly arranged as a material data sheet for viewing / printing


On this tab page you will find the following information:

  • The steel group to which the material is assigned.
  • The standards of a material with the following information:
    • Standard institute
    • Document number
    • Standard title
    • Predecessor document, Successor document and international conformity.
  • Range of application
  • Suitable welding filler materials


The composition(s) of a material are clearly listed on this page.

  • See immediately if the material may contain conflict minerals.
  • Transfer the composition(s) of a material to our formula calculator which helps you to calculate values such as: Chrome equivalent, Nickel equivalent, various carbon equivalents (CEV / CEIIW, CET, PCM) and the PREN-Index.
  • Copy the composition of a material directly into the composition search to find alternative materials with identical or similar chemical compositions.
  • Add a composition to the composition comparison to compare multiple compositions in tabular form.

Mechanical properties / physical properties / heat treatment

Our comprehensive properties data are clearly listed on this page. The values are grouped by standard, shape, condition and property.

  • Filters allow you to easily show only properties you are interested in.
  • Transfer property data of a material to the comparison view to compare several materials clearly in tabular form.
  • Show or hide properties for printing.
  • Footnotes for a property value are displayed without annoying scrolling by simply moving the mouse pointer over the footnotes.


The "Suppliers" page lists suppliers and their forms of delivery they can supply for the corresponding steel.

  • Addresses of the supplier / steelworks including their branches.
  • URL- und E-Mail addresses of the supplier / steeworks.
  • Overview of the designations under which the company supplies the material.
  • Display and filter options of the delivery forms.

Material comparison

Shows a detailed tabular overview:

  • Country
  • Symbol
  • Standard
  • Standard title
  • Status
  • and material number (if available)

of all internationally comparable materials for the selected material. By clicking on the designation of the reference material, the respective material data sheet opens directly.