Search for steel materials and alloys by chemical composition

The composition search allows you to find international materials based on their specific chemical composition. Allowed deviations between the searched and found composition values can be defined individually by entering tolerances for the respective search values. This allows the number of hits of the materials found to be increased accordingly. You can specify whether search values ​​should enclose database composition values ​​or lie within the database composition values. The fuzzy search helps you to automatically determine the tolerances in order to find the desired number of materials.

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The ONLINE :: Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steel offers a smart composition search that helps you find a suitable material by chemical composition

Features in detail

  • The composition search (inverse search) allows you to determine a material based on its chemical composition.
  • Assign tolerances for single or multiple elements.
  • Let our fuzzy-search take care of calculating the tolerances for the entire composition or individual elements to expand your search result to the desired number of materials.
  • Search within all or a specific country.
  • There are two search methods available for each element:
    • Outside: Search values must include the database value range.
    • Inside: Search values must both be within the database value range (analogous to Single value search)
  • Exclude individual elements your required material is not supposed to contain.
  • Transfer the chemical composition of a material to the search page to find alternative materials with identical or similar chemical compositions.
  • Save and load your search data.
  • Save your filter settings as a template and share them with your colleagues (optional).
  • The result list contains designations and material numbers (if available).
  • For each material in the result list, a comparison is shown between search and composition data of the material.
  • Clear display of the respective percentage deviation.
  • Color highlighting shows you at a glance which searched elements the material actually contains.
  • List of all relevant footnotes.

Your benefits

  • Save valuable time in your research.
  • Comprehensive online steel database with continuously updated and trustworthy material data.
  • Our online material database is constantly being expanded and optimized.
  • Our team has been researching material data since 1951 and preparing them in a sophisticated, precise and clear way for various media (web, CD-ROM and book). Indispensable for anyone dealing with steel.
  • Affordable, fair and flexible licensing models. Individual company licenses available upon request.