Search for steel materials and alloys by designation

The designation search helps you to find international materials in our online steel database based on their designation (material number, symbol or trade name). The numerous filters and drill-down (refine search) options help you to find materials worldwide even if you only partially know the designation. In addition, the designation search offers the possibility to list all materials of a standard, country, company or steel group.

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The ONLINE :: Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steel has an easy-to-use, powerful and intuitive designation search feature (material number, symbol, trade name)

Features in detail

  • Search for a material designation with the options:
    • Starts with
    • Contains
    • Ends with
    • Exact
  • Wildcards give you the greatest flexibility when searching for steels when you only know parts of a designation.
  • Narrow down your search using the following pre-filters:
    • Material number
    • Symbol
    • Trade name
    • Country
    • Standard
    • Steel group
    • Supplier
  • Search for steels with or without designation by applying one or more of the above filters
  • Our drill-down (refine search) feature allows you to further narrow down the search results or remove applied filters.
  • With our full-text search you can search for terms such as range of application, steel group, standard, material designation, country, etc. Our search operators allow you to include or exclude terms to optimize your results.
  • Save your filter settings as a template and share them with your colleagues (optional).

Your benefits

  • Save valuable time in your research.
  • Comprehensive online steel database with continuously updated and trustworthy material data.
  • Our online material database is constantly being expanded and optimized.
  • Our team has been researching material data since 1951 and preparing them in a sophisticated, precise and clear way for various media (web, CD-ROM and book). Indispensable for anyone dealing with steel.
  • Affordable, fair and flexible licensing models. Individual company licenses available upon request.