Search for steel materials and alloys by properties

The property search allows you to find international materials based on their specific mechanical and physical properties. A definition of tolerances allow a larger number of matches on materials.

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The ONLINE :: Stahlschlüssel - Key to Steel has the most comprehenisve properties database. Find materials fast, comfortably and unerringly.

Features in detail

  • Search within all or a specific country.
  • Assign tolerances for search values.
  • Additional filter options for dimension, temperature and condition.
  • Save and load your search data.
  • Save your filter settings as a template and share them with your colleagues (optional).

Your benefits

  • Save valuable time in your research.
  • Comprehensive online steel database with continuously updated and trustworthy material data.
  • Our online material database is constantly being expanded and optimized.
  • Our team has been researching material data since 1951 and preparing them in a sophisticated, precise and clear way for various media (web, CD-ROM and book). Indispensable for anyone dealing with steel.
  • Affordable, fair and flexible licensing models. Individual company licenses available upon request.