New Edition 2019 :: Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel

The almost 70 years globally established steel manual is published in an updated version.

All information has been updated and expanded in many areas with the assistance of the steel producers and the standardization institutions. Where it was possible, we retained former or obsolete designations for reference purposes.

Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel 2019 as book

The manual as a book has been published and is available from stock.

Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel 2019 on CD-ROM

Prices for full versions or updates please refer to the price list below. If required, we will be pleased to submit you an individual offer.


Standalone version (local)

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Full versionupdate *)
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Floating license (multi user version) with access authorisation for as much as desired named users within one company. The simultaneous use is limited in each case by the acquired number of users. All named users can successively access our database. The standard license permits user accesses exclusively (only) from one named (geographical) location.
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- 10 User€ 3.160,00€ 2.530,00
- 15 User€ 4.300,00€ 3.440,00
- 20 User€ 5.300,00€ 4.240,00
- 25 User€ 6.245,00€ 4.995,00
- 30 User€ 7.120,00€ 5.695,00

*) These update prices are only valid if you return the version 8.0 with the same number of users. (If you order an update please mention your licence number on your order.)

1) Multi site versions on request

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